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Free College Chat Rooms offers FREE chat rooms to College Students, Professors, Deans and even College Mascots.

Free chat discussions of daily, weekly or monthly events or just open chat. Share in college events such as sports, music, science, engineering, all genre are welcome and encouraged to share their experiences.

College is a time for learning how to live independently, choosing a profession for life, or beginning a new career. These times can be fun, exciting and challenging, sharing these times with other people will enrich these times and make them memorable.

College Deans and College Professors can stay in touch with issues which effect their students, offer guidance or share in that rivalrous football, basketball, science or quiz game. You are also welcome to open a private chat room for staff meetings with live chat. Reach all of your staff instead of trying to text individuals. A chat room set up by an individual is run at their discretion, the information shared in it is private and secure. Our rich java client requires very little computer usage or knowledge. Simply click the link and enter the chatroom.

As with all of our Free chat rooms, they can be set up to limit who has access to it. This can be done by setting a password secure chat room or limiting who can enter the chat room by the nickname(s) registered. All personal information is limited and simply requires a legitimate email address so that in the event a password is lost or forgotten the password can be forwarded to the email listed with the nickname at the time of the registration. As with all personal information respects the individuals rights to privacy. We do NOT under any circumstances sell this information or make it public knowledge.

The Network can also be accessed with software programs such as mIRC by setting a server connection to port 6667.

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  • Click the links below to join: * holds no allegiance to any College specifically, we offer our free chat rooms to all Colleges and individuals. We will not discriminate against anyone based on Religion, Race, Color, Origin or Sexual Orientation.