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chat help The Free Java Chat community is built upon a strong and friendly community environment, and we pride ourselves on our friendly staff, helpers, and countless other volunteers who help to make our network the place it is today. We offer free service as well for your chat room. We will assist you in configuring our chat for your website as well as assist you in registering and configuring the many options available. Some of the options available are a service bot to assist you in controling your room.

This chat room assistance is generally available 24 hours a day but all helpers, those with the @ next to their name are not compensated for the assistance they provide. Since they provide this service secondarily to both their other duties on the network as well as simply enjoying themselves as chat participants please be patient when requesting assistance. In addition try to be as clear as possible when describing the assistance you require.

  • Email [email protected]
  • Connect to Live Support Chat
  • Connect to our Network Support Forum

    The above help links should be used for additional assistance once you have read and understand the Setup and/or Code pages.
    Please do not expect the staff to do it all for you. The instruction on those pages are easy to understand and should supply you with all the information you need to setup the chat on your web page and configure it to connect to your room.
    If you have no previous IRC experience feel free to join Live Support Chat for assistance registering your nickname and chatroom.
    If your html knowlege is above average see our Chat Parameters page for more advanced chat coding instructions.