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YouTube Chat Room


The YouTube search results will open in a new window.
We welcome everyone to join us to discuss the latest YouTube videos. We hope you enjoy your time here and are able to find the engaging conversations you are looking for.

See above for the latest and most viewed videos. The video will open on this page once you select the one you'd like to watch.

Below is the Youtube channel we have created for people to use. To resize the window either select the float option at the top of the applet or the square next to the x, you can then adjust it to the size most comfortable for you to view.


          This chat application requires Java support.
This chat also available via IRC at:
irc:// Get your own Free Chat Rooms

                         Add Chat to your YouTube Channel, Website or Forum
While links are allowed in the YouTube chat room we also respect copyright laws and will have to remove people that paste those to download or other sites where it would be considered illegal infringement. We will be actively seeking people to monitor the channel for such activities. If you have an interest in becoming a moderator please let someone with the spider symbol by their nick aware. While this is encouraged we do frown on repeated requests. You can identify the op's by looking for an @ symbol or a spider icon next to their nicks.
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