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Massachusetts Chat Rooms

     Massachusetts State Map      Massachusetts State Seal
Massachusetts Facts and Figures
Capital: Boston
Total area: 27,337 sq km
Population: 6,416,505 (2004 est)
State Bird Chickadee
State flower Mayflower
State tree American Elm

Although we can never truly understand what the pilgrims thought when they stepped off from the boats in Plymouth Massachusetts the day they arrived, we can gaze at the land and imagine, after months of traveling on that long ocean voyage, seeing the sight of land and tree's. How scary it must have been to have meet the first native american, coming out of the woods to stare at the strange people climbing over the sides of their ship. How they must have rejoiced that first Thanksgiving when it seemed they could survive in this wilderness they now called home. Massachusetts, rich in American history, has much to offer in tourism. Take a walk down the boardwalk on Natasket beach, watching the red, warm sun as it rises over the cold, Atlantic ocean. Watching the skyline of Boston as the sun rises higher into the sky. Take a walk down the freedom trail in Boston, listen for the sound of Paul Revere as he called out "The English are coming".

Look into Boston Harbor, where in defiance, America fought for it's freedom, by dumping the tea. Stop into Salem and see the history of the witch craft burnings. Whether you enjoy indoor activities or outdoor activities, Massachusetts has much to offer.
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