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Chat Rooms

Use the Rooms button below to see all available chat rooms, double click the room name to join.
This chat rooms applet requires Java support.
Visit here to get it. This chat also available via IRC at:

Visit us for your own free chat rooms
These chat rooms are accessable through IRC at port:6667

Chat Rooms Commands

Chat Rooms Session Information

Text Entry Fields

  • Nick - Set the Chat Rooms nick that you will be known by.
  • Email - (optional) Identifying information, email address or web site or other info can be used.
  • Chat Rooms - Show a listing of the chat rooms you may want to join.

Chat Session Options

  • Play Sounds - Hear sounds that other people send.
  • Sound on Join - Plays sounds when someone enters the Chat rooms.
  • Use Colors - Use different colors to identify different messages.
  • Show Joins - show when a user joins or leaves the Chat rooms.

Chat Client Buttons


Displays the chat you are currently involved in.
  • The left column (if any) shows all the Chat rooms on the server. If the server has many rooms you will need to
    use the command /list to update this list. The rooms you are currently in are displayed as bold. You can change rooms by double-clicking on one.
  • The main window shows messages you have sent and received. as well and the topic of the room, is displayed in the title bar.
  • The list on the right displays people currently chatting in this chat room. Your nick is shown as bold. If you select one or more names from the list then your messages will only go to those people. There are two special characters that preceed some names:
    @ indicates an operator that issue commands to control the room.
    + indicates a user with 'voice', only users with voice can speak in a moderated room.
  • At the bottom is the input line. You can send a message by typing it on this line. A few basic commands you can use are:
    /nick newname Change your the chat nick you are using
    /join #newroom Create a new chat room or join a room that already exists
    /action message Sends a message like mynick *jumps
    /whois nick Shows you information about the nickname
    /topic new topic Changes the topic (if allowed)
    /list Updates the room list
    /quit Leave chat and disconnect from the server


Displays all the chat rooms that are currently available. The current topic for the room (if any), and the number of users in the room, are also shown. To join a room, just double click on it. If the room list is not displayed it is because there are a large number on the server. To display the list enter /list. You can also filter the room list using /list filter. For example: /list *yahoo* will show only rooms with yahoo in the name.


Shows your chat rooms session settings. It also Allows you to change many of your settings even you have begun chatting. You can't change your email once you have signed in.


Opens the chat rooms applet from the page, and puts it in a it's own window which can be resized or minimized as you wish. This is great if you want to continue to surf as you you chat. When the Java Chat Client is 'floating', the button changes its meaning and contains the word 'Embed'. If you press it while it is floating, the Java chat rooms applet will be placed back on the page, or closed if you are no longer on that page.


Displays a help page similar to this one.

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